Curriculum and Pedagogy
Conference 28.-30. May 2018

Venue: University of Applied Arts Vienna, Location:  Sala Terrena, Heiligenkreuzer Hof

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Key dates Deadline for abstract submission: 29th April, 2018                                                               

Double-blind peer review, notification on acceptance: by 14th May 2018
Acceptance notification: 14th May 2018
Registration opens: 1st May 2018

Conference Organisation: Ruth Mateus-Berr & Georg Goldarbeiter

Scientific Committee:
Henrik Benesch, David Campbell, Jennifer DeFelice, Adrian Friend, Barbara Graf, Katharina Gsöllpointner, Michael Hann, Liesbeth Huybrechts, Margarete Jahrmann, Richard Jochum, Anja Jonkhans, Gabriele Jutz, Christoph Kaltenbrunner, Fares Kayali, Barbara Putz-Plecko, Ingeborg Reichle, Elisabeth Schäfer, Martin Vácha, Veerle Van der Sluys, Stefan Wykydal.

Every paper was double-blind peer reviewed by one artist and one scientist of an international and multidisciplinary Scientific Committee.

Conference Schedule:

The Conference starts in the afternoon on 28th of May and ends at 30th of May around lunchtime. Program will be posted soon.


can be submitted in the following categories:

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Deadline for abstracts: 29th April, 2018



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A book of abstracts will be printed for the conference and will also be available online as pdf download. Following the conference, a selection of contributions will be published in a peer-reviewed anthology in the publication series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna (De Gruyter). Planned schedule:
Paper submission deadline for anthology: End of March 2019
Double-blind peer review, notification on acceptance: 15th of June 2019
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Accepted papers will be published in a book, which is planned to be published after the conference. The publication will be presented in Autumn 2019

For further information please contact : ruth.mateus-berr@uni-ak.ac.at
With art as research becoming an established paradigm in art education, several questions arise. How do we educate young artists to actively engage in the production of knowledge and aesthetic experiences in an expanded field? What are some of the role models that we can look to when we speak about hybrid practices and artistic research? How do we best prepare students to carry out their own artistic research? What can we space in the curriculum to accommodate a changed learning, making, and research landscape? And how is teaching “art” different from teaching “artistic research”? What particular abilities and competencies should a teacher of artistic research have?
The conference seeks contributions that respond to these questions through a variety of short presentations, theoretical reflections, analyses, case studies, performative lectures hands-on workshops and poster presentations. We invite practitioners and theoreticians from the fields of artistic research and arts/design to share their perspectives, expertise, and knowledge. The conference, which will take place in Vienna, is being organized jointly by the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. We particularly encourage submissions from young professionals and graduate students. Our goal is to create a supportive space for open, lively, and inclusive discussion.
Conference Sessions:
Session 1: Role Models

Given the wealth of possible approaches to artistic research, each of us may look to a different role model when defining art practice as research. What type of role models can we identify? Why do these succeed? This session aims to ground the conversation in examples of existing practices that are successful and distinct.
Session 2: Hybridity in Making: Rethinking the Curriculum
What do students need to know engage in meaningful artistic research? Given that artistic research takes place in an expanded field, and is often socially engaged, hybrid and contextual, what revisions should we make to the current curriculum? How do we best prepare students to carry out their own artistic research? And how is teaching “art” , “design” different from teaching “artistic research”? Is there a difference between art/design practice and artistic research practice? If yes, what is that difference?
Session 3: Hybrid Pedagogies: Teaching for Interdisciplinarity
How do art schools best educate students to engage with artistic research? Is a broad interdisciplinary background (in fields such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, art history, ecology, crafts techniques) beneficial when teaching this type of research? What particular abilities and competencies should a teacher of artistic research have? How does a teacher encourage engagement with ideas beyond a market-driven traditional art career? What role do wonder, curiosity, and aesthetic experience play in this type of research?